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Pimp your iPhone...


got an iPhone? if not maybe its time you got one if for no other reason than to lace it with one of these cases...
the good people at Uncommon hit me up to do some art for these things and from what i can tell its a pretty slick opperation. you can pick the art you want ( dosnt have to be MY art, there is a grip of good stuff on their site ), rotate it, scale it, make it fit your case the way YOU want it to. i believe i have 9 graphics on there you can pick from. go have a look around and if you are in the zone, swoop a new case for your iPhone... click here for Todd Bratrud iPhone art by Uncommon

Times is Weird these Days...


I move around a lot kinda, so i started a little tumblr page to send all my iPhone photos to as i shoot them.

Nothing TOO great, but it is what it is...
click the image above or click right here>



I did a board series for GIVEN that just hit the shops in the states!
i believe there are shirts and stickers available as well, dig deep...

Nike SB “Brain Wreck” Dunk Hi


hello hello! as you may already know, my signature Brain Wreck Nike SB Dunk High came out a few weeks back. as far as i know ebay is the only way you can get em for now, but soon there will be a few more available and i will let you know when and where!

for now the EXCLUSIVE board and the special shirt are available ONLY at the Familia Skateshop WEB STORE that just opened!! while you are there grab some other stuff as well!!